Tuesday 15 November 2022


Sharon - I think I will wait and see. Bear will be sixteen with another year or so before university interviews, and I suspect there's a little more growing left in him. He'll grow out of anything we get him. He was talking about blazer and trousers, but I think a lot depends on what everyone else is wearing. 

Bless - thank you! We are all on pins as we wait for the full set of results to come out next week.

I've felt so tired today and had so much caffeine to try and compensate that I'm fit mainly for rags. Bear has been explaining maths to me and it hasn't helped. I wish I could share how his face lights up and how joyful he is when he is talking maths. I wish I could help him more. 

He's talking about applying for a college specialising in maths, with physics and computer science as a side. The intake is only 80 pupils from a wide area, so it would be incredibly tough to get in. However, he is bright and determined so there is a greater than zero chance. I suppose I'm worried about the pressure on him if he gets there. It seems to be a place where they push pupils hard. I worry. He already has loads of pressure from an admittedly academic school, but this college could be another level. But if he applied and didn't get in, I think it would also be hard on him. So far he's sailed through things, but this could be a nasty wake up call. 

I may be an utter fail at maths, but I'm a top expert on worrying about things that may never happen. It all seems so overwhelming, though. 

Tomorrow I am determined to have nice pics for you.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I would encourage him to apply to the college he wants to and pursue his passion for maths. My daughter loved computer science, but, she was discouraged from pursuing it and so, she turned to statistics, instead (and that's what she does for a living, now). She still wishes she had done computer science, though.

  2. I'm not sure if I could cope with conversations about maths either! Is that a sixth form college? It'll be good training for uni if he does get in. Is it closer to your home?