Tuesday 29 November 2022

It's Going to be Awkward

Sharon - thank you! I don't mind watching rats at a safe distance as they are often cute. I'm not keen on them moving in! If bear gets into the fancy maths college then I no longer have school runs as the bus is frequent, easy to get to and cheap(ish). If he doesn't, then it's two more years of at least twenty to twenty five minutes driving, getting stuck in traffic, setting off early to avoid that traffic and then hanging around in carparks waiting. On the other hand, I lose the easy 'on the way' shopping, the nice walks and the knitting time. I don't mind so much in half way decent weather.

Bless - I've driven in fog quite a few times now, and sometimes seeing the lights of the car ahead of you is just so reassuring. I'm determined to get proactive for these attacks.

Cherie - the rose absolutely makes me smile. And it's a sort of nag to me. I should hack that fuchsia back to allow it to grow better. The bush is around twenty years old or so. I bought it from a garden centre and it was marked down to something like 50p as it was half dead. It's flourished ever since, even though it suffers from a lot of greenfly. I've always loved it. I can grow things if I put the effort in. I just don't put the effort in, and it's a shame. 

Tonight England play Wales in the World Cup. My father's family are English. There are a lot of Welsh in my mother's family and I got married in Wales because that's where so many relatives lived. And I don't entirely want to watch it because of the way that Qatar has gone on. I mean, every country has their own ways of doing things. But this feels so wrong. I wonder about donating to charities that would support the LGBT+ community there. And I can't get over the number of deaths and lives ruined in the building of the stadiums and infrastructure. I want to support my team, or teams, but I feel very uncomfortable supporting the host. I've been catching the highlights of the England games so far on the BBC text commentary. It seems a little flat compared to watching the game. I'll worry about it at kick off.

I'm sniffling as I've raised dust looking for stuff under all the junk. I got some neck lights last year for the car when I want to knit while waiting for bear and it's dark. There are going to be a lot of demands on the power grid tonight and on a day without wind or sun, we aren't going to get much power from renewables. I think that the powers that be are preparing us for some cuts, so I've been looking those out. Next I need to get entirely on top of the washing and ironing. I also need to make sure that there are plenty of safe places to put candles should we need to. I'm also working on keeping my phone fully charged. Bear is coming home on the bus and it's giving me some extra time. Although I had a nap today after another night of disturbed sleep, panic attacks and nightmares. It's a work in progress.

Tonight I hope to spend time dithering about England v Wales and knitting. When I was looking for the neck lights, I found the wash cloths I was knitting and I can crack on with some of those and get them out of the way. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. It was so foggy yesterday and we ventured over to your neck of the woods - firstly to M&S in Pudsey and then around the ring road passing Matalan and onto the M621 back to the Ikea business park and on to Red Brick Mills - I looked out for you but it was so dark and foggy had to keep our eyes on the road - such a lot of strange driiving these days going on! I am not a football fan but I cannot understand why the world cup is being held in a country with such human rights issues - should we not boycott these countries? I expect it is all down to money everything else is these days.

  2. I haven't watched any of the football, not my thing at all, but I do think it was wrong to allow Qatar to host the tournament.

    When will Bear know whether he get's a place at his chosen college? I'm not sure whether he has applied yet or whether he has to wait for his exam results.

    I think power cuts will start before too long and am trying to get myself prepared for it. I have candles and torches, plenty of blankets to keep me warm, but still haven't settled on a way of cooking hot food yet ... may have to buy a barbeque!

  3. I'm not sure what they were thinking rewarding a place with their views with the world cup. It's supposed to be inclusive. I haven't watched, though I am keeping check on the scores.

  4. Sounds like a busy day! I haven't been following the World Cup, but, I hear the updates when I watch news and apparently England and the USA have both advanced to the next level. Hope you have a better night, tonight.