Thursday 3 November 2022

I Finished the Meal!

Bless - thank you! The stock sounds delicious and warming.

Sharon - thank you, and yes, I am totally excited.

Eileen - I really enjoyed them.

I took pics. First some unsoaked peas.

Then the soaked peas.

I left them overnight for around 12 hours and the water was still hot when I opened the magic braised burning pot. I think that I should have boiled them for a little while the next day, because they were still quite firm after slow cooking. 

I added a small amount of chorizo.

Plus veggies.

That's swede, turnip, parsnip and a carrot and a half from the back of the fridge. I also added peppercorns, minced dried onion, stock cube, rice, and dried herbs with lots of hot water and then left it to slow cook. 

DH loved it and asked for it again. I started talking about tweaks, like adding celery and DH was unimpressed. He wants it again, exactly the same. That could be tricky as I didn't measure anything exactly. 

Bear wasn't interested. He is showing a few signs of stress, poor lad. Apparently Physics was tough, and he told me he may just have scraped the top mark. He is driving himself hard. Computer Science was, apparently, easy. To be honest, I'm waiting on the exam results as he got stuff wrong before. I'm keeping it all crossed for him, though. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Your soup sounds delicious, warming and filling. Hopefully, you can duplicate it for the next time! :D

  2. It sounds yummy. Good luck repeating it for DH!

    How many more exams does Bear have to do? x

  3. Great photos! I always forget to take food photos. Sigh.

    I hope Bear does well. He has certainly been working hard.