Tuesday 22 November 2022

I Heard Sad News

Eileen - I'd send bear around to do it for free! He loves putting furniture together and I suspect that there's a competent handyman in there, given time and opportunity. The goodies are stashed. It was something of a shock because I think I bought less than last year, but it came to so much. Prices have gone up by such a margin.

I went back to the doctor again. I have a huge bag of creams to deal with the eczema and infection. The infected patch is still lingering despite loads of antibiotics and steroids, so the doctor - who was lovely - is trying some different stuff. While I was there, I bumped into someone who used to go to church with father at the local Methodist Church. Apparently, they've deconsecrated it and sold it off. It's quite heartbreaking. 

When father first came here, having moved 100 miles at the age of 80, he immediately wandered along to the church at the end of the street and just settled in. He was instantly part of it. They made him so welcome and were so friendly that it was if he had been there for years. There was an amazing, friendly, kindly atmosphere to the place. After father passed, I used to take sweeties there for his anniversary instead of flowers as it was much more him. It had been a big part of the community for many years, but it just faded. New people weren't going. It just dwindled. I think that Covid put the final nail in the coffin. 

It's one of those awkward truths. People want the church to be there in the background, and they want the history and the funerals and the weddings, but they don't want to take part in running the church. The people surrounding the building don't realise that an elderly lady was responsible for trying to keep things like the boiler working, and they aren't going to show up and help paint things or clean things or work out how to keep the bills paid. I have some pics somewhere, but I'll have to have a rummage. Here's a pic from WikiCommons

So now they can't have the weddings and funerals there. People who want to worship can go to another Methodist Church quite near or the local Church of England, so it's not like a religous desert. It just feels sad. 

I feel a little guilty because while I would prefer to go to Church of England services, perhaps I could have done more. I know I helped out with a few fairs and sales, and I never minded, but I wasn't a worshipper there. But now the place where father had his funeral, and where bear had a birthday party and tried martial arts as a little one, has gone. 

On a brighter note, bear had his results from his Mock Exams. He got four nines (the top mark allocated to the top 5% of results), three eights, a seven and two sixes. By the old grades, his lowest score was a B, and I am thrilled with him. He got nines in maths, chemistry, physics and computer science - all the ones that are important to him. I am so proud. The school had a little presentation. The Ofsted report severely marked down their sixth form (to 'good') and now a lot of the kids are planning on going elsewhere for A levels (like bear). The school are now doing all they can to encourage kids to stay on to their sixth form. I suspect that I will see a lot of fuss made as they try and regain their 'outstanding' status.

Bear is completely absorbed in tests, revision and studying, and I suspect I will be caught up in it too. I hope that we can get through the next few years okay.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Congratulations to Bear! All his hard work paid off. Sorry you had to go back for more creams. I hope they help!

    Sad to hear about the church.

  2. I'm glad your doctor is trying different things to try and treat the infection. I hope the new treatment will be successful.

    That's sad to hear that the church your father attended has been deconsecrated and sold.

    But, how wonderful to hear that bear did so well in his mock exams! Well done, bear! I know he worked hard for those grades and I wish him continued success in his studies!

    Hope you have a good day, Lyssa, and all will be well with you and yours.

  3. Congratulations to Bear, that's a brilliant result and I'm extra pleased that his top marks were in his preferred subjects. Now to repeat those results in the actual exams! I am so glad I'm past that stage of my life and all the pressures that came with it!

    The closure of the Methodist Church is sad and unfortunately it is happening everywhere. We had an interesting conversation about whether we should try to see all the closures and changes to the way people live their lives as a long overdue reset triggered by the pandemic. We were divided as to whether we saw it as a positive or negative thing but P had a really convincing argument that everything that is happening is a change for good and that our sentimental attitude to the 'old ways' is understandable but doesn't make that a negative change. We're in transition so it is just too early to see how much better it will be. Not sure that I actually agree with him though.

  4. Youve got a very clever son. Congratulations to Bear. Re the Methodist church. I was brought up Church of England and used to go fairly regularly especially after I’d been confirmed. My son attended Cubs and Scouts in the Methodist church hall. I’ve never met such a lovely friendly genuine bunch of people. Much more welcoming than the Church of England church congregation. That too has now closed. Xx