Wednesday 16 November 2022


Bless - DH and I are quite keen on letting bear follow his heart. He wants to work in computer science, and maths and physics are such a big part of it. We're doing what we can to encourage him, but it's so competitive!

Eileen - It's a sort of sixth form college, linked to the University of Leeds and it says that some teaching will be done by university lecturers, undergrads and PhD students. If you are interested, the link to the college is here and the Wiki page about the concept is here. It's a new college which worries me a little but we shall have to wait and see. Bear may not get in, but it would be good if he could, I think.

I cut the fuschia back. I only trimmed the part overhanging the path, but it was a job of work. 

The sparrows are not amused. I had a very close fly by earlier and I saw them congregating in what was left (quite a lot, actually). They seemed very indignant about the whole thing.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. The fuchsia looks good after its trim! I think the sparrows will have to learn to manage with what's left of the plant! LOL.

  2. Wow that's still looking really healthy!