Wednesday 9 November 2022

Only an Omelette Maker

Cherie - thank you, I feel hugged. 

Bless - thank you. I suspect that this may run and run. I always seem to need a little more antibiotics than most. I'm being careful.

Sharon - thank you! The doctor was really sweet.

Kate - I'm going to have to top up my vitamins, and I may wander into somewhere like Holland and Barrett and see what sort of things that they can recommend to top up the treatment.

Eileen - thank you! I am so proud of bear. I feel incredibly lucky with the cover. It's only going to be some short stories, and quite a small collection as I'm aiming at the same market as Dinner at Dark which was a very short book, but I'm spending some time editing and trying to get it nice. I am also deeply envious of those people who are able to make book covers. I fail epically on that!

I'm not good with antibiotics. I'm almost the opposite of allergic, and doctors never seem to believe me. I had glandular fever at around the age of twelve and I was pretty poorly. I ended up in hospital for a few days and I was away with the fairies for some time after. There is always a bright side, if you look, though. I was given vast quantities of antibiotics - ridiculous amounts, absolutely over the top dosages. There was still enough in my system so that when I went to Guide camp a few months later and everyone got sick from the dodgy water supply, I was fine. It just goes to show. But since then, I've always needed a second course of antibiotics. I currently feel like I've been severely mugged, but hopefully I will pick up soon.

Bear had his last exam today, which was Maths, and he is feeling pretty confident about it. He told me he was trying to learn about calculus a little ahead of the class. I asked him what calculus was, and he told me. He told me at length. It took a surprising proportion of the drive home. I wish I knew more. He was so joyful talking about it.

I had an Asda delivery today. They have some useful gluten free meat pastes which I added to the order. I have been running something of a temperature and I was worried about what I may have ordered, but the only random thing was an electric omelette maker for £10. I'll probably get some use out of it, and it could be a lot worse. I can't cook eggs in a pan to save my life, but I think having an omelette or similar regularly would be extremely good for me. 

I think that I shall have an early night.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I bet Bear will be glad to be finally done. He has worked so hard. I hope he does well.

    I am hoping you will feel better soon. It's been a while that you haven't been feeling the greatest. It wears on you, not just physically, but mentally too.

    Take Care x

  2. I hope the antibiotics do what they are supposed to do and you feel better soon. I had to look up omelet makers (didn't know there was such a thing) and the cheapest one is $20, so I think you got a good bargain! Apparently, one can make empanadas in them, too, so, that might be something to consider, too!