Thursday 10 November 2022

Picking Up

Sharon - thank you. I admit to feeling very worn down. Bear is definitely glad that this lot of exams are over. Now he is looking at revising for January! 

Bless - thank you. The model I have is not what I would consider a classic omelette maker, but it will cook two eggs with some 'fillings' like a little softened onion or some herbs and that is not a bad meal. 

I'm feeling a lot better. To be fair, I still feel like I've been mugged, and my joints are giving me grief, but I've managed a couple of thousand words over the last few days and that always makes a difference to me. 

I took bear to school this morning. The dawn was beautiful.

And I even managed a little shopping. Picking up a bag of potatoes from Tesco does not seem like much, but it was impossible earlier in the week. Bear came home on the bus. I possibly could have gone and fetched him, but I wilt as the day goes on. I should be fine to pick him up as well as drop him off tomorrow. 

I didn't use the omelette maker today. I hope to do so tomorrow. I have those tiny dice chorizo in the freezer, plus frozen chopped onions, plus frozen chopped mushrooms. I can just soften them, let them cool a little and then add to the egg mixture. The handbook suggests two to three medium mushrooms per two egg mixture that is split between the two hollows. It makes things so much easier if I can take a teaspoon or so out at a time. 

Now I think I will crawl off for an extremely early night.

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. A very colorful and beautiful dawn! Glad to read that you are starting to feel better. Please continue to take it easy and not push yourself to doing too much too soon.
    That looks a lot like the omelet makers I saw when I did a search, yesterday. As I said, I had no idea such a thing even existed! No, Bless, you do NOT need an omelet maker! LOL.