Tuesday 1 November 2022

A Setback

Eileen - thank you! 

Sharon - he's been studying so it's really not so surprising.

Bless - thank you!

The absolutely lovely violin teacher rang. She doesn't think that bear should continue violin lessons. He's having a few issues distinguishing pitch and the patchy teaching he has had so far (through no fault of anyone) has left a mark. Part of the problem is that bear has been working really hard on revising and, as Sharon perfectly put it, the violin has taken second fiddle. We've shelved further lessons for now. The violin teacher said that she would not lose out too much as she had a waiting list, but that bear was welcome back any time to learn the piano.

We've had some success wedging the peanut butter tub into the honeysuckle. 

It had a tendancy to swing about when it was on the birdfeeder and the tub kept ending up on the floor. This is also a place more suited to the smaller birds instead of the pigeons, who are bad enough as is.

The honeysuckle seriously seems to think that it's spring.

It's all fresh new leaves. The fuchsia is still going, though I didn't notice many bees this morning. That may have been due to it being windy.

The flowers are only on the ends of the branches now, and I'm not sure how much longer they can keep going. I know they will definitely go at the first frost.

I need to get out and sweep up the fallen flowers, but they are such a splash of colour

Also, the yarn that I really shouldn't have ordered arrived. It was relatively inexpensive, but I did not need it! I'm determined to finish off at least the next couple of blankets before I do anything else. I think that I shall very much enjoy knitting it up, but I need to clear some things first.

That is 1600g of double knit which cost £25.96. Maybe I can sell the blankets they make. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Music lessons can be resumed when bear has more time to practice, etc. I've a few plants that think that it is spring, here, too! The peach tree and the nectarine tree are trying to flower! They haven't even dropped this year's leaves, yet!
    Oh, such pretty yarn! You'll have plenty of yarn to keep yourself occupied with knitting this winter! :)

  2. Probably a good decision about the violin. I hope Bear wasn't too disappointed. I had an epic fail buying books this week, though most of them were secondhand. Buying books is my stress-relief shopping thing. I suppose there are worse things I could be doing lol.

  3. Is Bear upset about the violin lessons? The comment about the issues of pitch and previous patchy teaching are up to the teacher to work on and correcting previously learned errors/misunderstandings is just part of a music teachers job. Lack of practice is also something that music teachers frequently have to cope with, especially at exam time, so all in all the reasons for her suggesting that Bear shouldn't continue with the violin seems really odd. If he wants to learn the violin I'd look for another teacher.

  4. I echo all Eileen's comments. I sat and watched my daughter correct a teenager's fingers on the strings on Monday (she called me in to accompany so she could see what was actually happening) so that a piece which was woefully out of tune, suddenly became melodic. Much of violin playing is about arm and finger positioning, as well as having a good ear. I don't buy your teacher's comments about "issues with pitch" and gaps in his learning. If we sacked every pupil who didn't practice and sounded terrible because of previous teachers who didn't teach, we'd have few pupils. The more telling point was that she has a waiting list, so she had no patience with someone who's going through the hell of GCSEs. When Bear has finished with GCSEs, I'd find him a new teacher with some experience under their belt and encourage him to join an ensemble or orchestra, so he gets used to playing in group situations which give him access to girls and other social niceties. I don't like teachers who sack pupils, it happened to my eldest when he was 7. She felt he wasn't good enough for her tastes! I've had loads of pupils with little talent, never practice and sometimes behavioural issues as well. I've never, ever sacked anyone.