Friday, 3 July 2015

A Time for Everything Under the Sun

I love the rhythm in the first eight verses of Chapter Three of Ecclesiastes.  The link to the old King James version is here.  I love the old language.  Whether you are Christian or not, it has a lot of sense.
This is why I am looking at winter coats on my friend eBay now.  If we weren't nicely set up for rock salt, I'd get some now as well, as the price is lower at this time of year.

The summer sales is a good time to stock up on presents for Christmas if you didn't in the January sales.  It is a good time to plan for the whole 'C' word.  Ecclesiastes talks about 'a time to plant and a time to pluck up'.  Those who grow their own veg can now enjoy it and perhaps some can be put aside.

Father planted a couple of very small lavender plants in 2013.

Now is a good time to plan all the lavender bags I will be donating to the Church Christmas Fair.  I know the theory - I should pick the lavender on a dry morning and dry the stalks hanging upside down with a paper bag around them.  I am going to start saving paper bags and work out where they are going to hang.

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