Friday, 10 July 2015

Continuing On

The plants are still alive (which is more than I can say about the courgettes).  I moved the grit bin.  I think I've done something interesting to the back of my neck, but I moved the grit bin.  I had to move some edging stones and shovel some soil before I started.  The grit bin is three quarters full so there was a certain amount of shovelling things into bags, trying not to spill salt near plants, trying to shift the humungous box, shovelling some more, trying again, shovelling even more then heaving and pushing and then putting the bags back in trying not to spill the dratted rock salt, then sighing with relief.  I know I will be grateful for it when the icy weather comes.  I then shifted a few more bricks and put the wheelie bins where father wanted them.  I honestly didn't think I would be able to do that.

I have also made a start sorting out the huge pile of miscellaneous clothes that has somehow crept up over the last few months.  I have a substantial pile already to take to the clothes bank.  It is really necessary, and of course there is a story.

Back in March Nice Mr Next Door promised he was getting a skip the very next day and I could put a book case that I didn't want in it.  I really wanted to get rid of the book case so hoicked all the books off it, dragged it outside and left it.  And left it.  And left it.  Nice Mr Next Door is a bit too nice and was let down by someone so the skip didn't turn up.  The skip only arrived a few weeks ago - but to be fair the bookcase went into it.  Actually the bookcase went into it in pieces and raised the level of the skip sides by about eighteen inches.

This left a bookcase shaped hole in the dining room with a pile of books and miscellaneous stuff all over the space where it had been.  That is the stuff that I have been sorting.  Then another bookcase will be moved into that space, then the dining table can go into that space and I'll have enough space to use the sewing machine for making curtains.  And, co-incidentally there is a hanger on the door into the dining room which will be easily accessible if I clear the rubbish and will be ideal for drying the great swathes of lavender that are blocking the light into the dining room.  I haven't got much time to get those sorted either.  The lavender is flowering and I need to get a wiggle on.  You can't wait for plants or weather.

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