Thursday, 16 July 2015

Twenty Three Handkerchiefs

I've been clearing out the dining room.  I have filled four bin bags with rubbish, I have stacked hours and hours worth of ironing, I have moved furniture and it is now looking like a reasonable room.  There is a long way to go before it looks like a tidy room and then I want to redecorate.  I have taken some 'before' pictures, but I am not putting those up until I have got some decent 'after' pictures as well.

I did my first hour long ironing session.  I ironed twenty three handkerchiefs.  There was around another half dozen that were only fit for rags, and I suspect there are a few more in one of the baskets.  I've ironed them, folded them and stacked them on the newly cleared table.  I have no idea what do do with them.  Most are in a 'well used' condition.

I don't use handkerchiefs usually, I use tissues.  DH doesn't use handkerchiefs either.  Bear has to be persuaded not to use a sleeve.  I cannot donate used handkerchiefs.  They will probably go for polishing cloths.

Father used handkerchiefs, but can't really anymore.  They use tissues in the care home, for obvious hygiene reasons.  I got an extra stack when he came here to live because his were so thin.  I am sure if I clear his drawers I will find dozens of them, many not fit for rags.  Father is getting frailer.  I am not coping well with it.

Today I got a letter asking for father's contribution to the care home.  I was told when he went in that he was fully funded.  We have assumed that he will be fully funded.  Of course if he has to pay, he has to pay but he is extremely weak and when he wanted to come home we were advised against it as he needed 24 hour medical care.  I'm not going to try and cheat the system, and if it is right that he pays then he pays, but apart from anything else, if it leaves father feeling he is unable to 'treat' bear, or the carers or the church then I think it will finish him.  I think it will strip the last bit of value he can find in himself.

I'm looking for a bright side at the moment.  The bright side is that I get to do shopping at IKEA for dining room chairs.  And shopping at IKEA is always a good trip out and we come back with all sorts.  I can take bear on the bus and buy the chairs one at a time - an ideal diversion during the summer holiday.

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  1. I work in care admin, and I'm afraid 'fully funded' is usually a bit misleading. It means the LA are paying their full whack, but usually leaves a little bit for the resident to make up. :( I do hope you sort it out.
    As for hankies. Well there is this person:
    I'm not commenting here. I'm just saying. I'm anticipating your reaction with a wry smile.