Sunday, 19 July 2015

Fried Egg and Phone Fail

Bear decided that for lunch he would like fish fingers, baked beans and fried egg, if it isn't too much trouble.  I was willing, but not optimistic.  Even on the griddle I have an epic fail.  While I didn't set the smoke alarm off for once, the white was crispy, the yolk was all over the place and it was generally uninspiring.  At least the beans and the fish fingers were okay.   Bear didn't mind.

One reason bear didn't mind is that he is currently devastated because his phone had given up and stopped working.  He was trying to make a video of him doing the electronic experiments on his electronic experiment kit and was devastated when his phone wouldn't work.  This phone used to be mine, and before that was DH's and it was second hand then.  It was about seven hundred and thirty in phone years and bear used to make notes on it and take pictures and videos.  We had removed the sim card and disabled the wifi as I didn't really agree with him having a phone, and bear had a marvellous time with it.  That phone has kept him quiet at the dentist, at the doctor, waiting for father to be seen, visiting father in hospital, and has generally distracted him at some really crucial times.  I'd used it for years before that, and I'm quite sad as well.

Bear is angling for a new phone.  This is not very likely to happen at all.  I'm not very keen on him owning a phone anyway, and we just don't have the money.  I mean, there are ways and means, but as bear will not be allowed to use it as a phone and when it comes down to it is just eight, I can't see how we can justify spending.  DH was muttering about a cheap second hand iPod touch, however his laptop has today gone the same way as bear's phone - not entirely unexpectedly as the laptop and the phone are similar ages - extremely time enriched.  Also so old that in phone years they are probably older than the pyramids.  A laptop is a necessity for DH, so if money is being spent, that is definitely a priority.

I've shelved browsing for fabric for raggy place mats for now.

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