Friday, 17 July 2015

No call back

I didn't visit father today because I was waiting in for a call from the council.  They didn't call.  The phone extension of the lady I need to speak to will not accept calls, just messages.  I feel a little stressed.

Jackie - I'm happy to pay if we have to pay, but it's all odd.  We were told that father should be having all his care paid for as a medical necessity.  I am not sure of the right words, but I understood that if father has ongoing medical issues severe enough, his pension is not used as it is covered by the NHS.  Father is genuinely that ill.  However we are suddenly looking at 45 weeks at over £200 per week to pay, without any warning.  It's hard for me to know the right questions to ask, or the right words to use.  Bear breaks up for the holidays on Tuesday.  I am looking at the third summer in a row where bear is sat listening to me make difficult phone calls.

However when I saw the picture in your link I just laughed and laughed.  The handkerchiefs that are currently stacked on the table were extremely inexpensive to start with, have been well used and well washed, they are not really...  Actually, as I typed, I could do dye experiments to see if they would looked pretty or I could, well, I am sure I could think of something.  Thank you.

Today has been a bit limp.  There are three more bin bags to go to the tip, and I've generated more ironing by catching up with some washing, so it could be worse.  Next week I'll be able to cut the lavender to dry because after poor DH has done the multiple tip runs I'll have the room to hang it.


  1. I think the NHS funded care yoau are talking about is called "Continuing Care".

  2. You need to ask who has made the decision that your father is responsible for part of his care home costs. If you believe he was fully funded by the NHS under the continuing health care funding, someone should have given you written confirmation of this before he was discharged from hospital. Check with the hospital discharge liaison nurse who should have been at the complex discharge planning meeting you attended prior to his discharge. If he has been assessed as not being eligible for Continuing Healthcare Funding then someone should have told you they were carrying out an assessment so you could be there when it happened and you should have been asked to fill in forms as part of the assessment. If he is now much more frail than he was when he first went in then he should be eligible for continuing healthcare funding and you should apply for it. It may be he is also eligible for the terminal care portion of that funding.

    If he wasn't fully funded when he entered the home, you would have been asked to sign a form to guarantee to pay the fees if he were unable to do so.

    Hope this has given you some questions to ask. You can always email staff members. They all have email addresses. You don't have to wait by the phone. Good luck!

    I know how hard it is. I'm still doing battle to get the last three months of my mother's care funded by the NHS!