Monday, 13 July 2015

Bear is Happy

Actually, bear is utterly exhausted and the sooner the holiday comes the better.

Today I decided to pull the carrots I planted a few months ago.  They were sold as purple carrots and I was wondering if they were ready.  I had no idea.  Bear was very encouraging.  Amongst the purple carrots were some purple spring onions to discourage carrot fly.  They were looking a bit thin, but again, I wasn't sure what I should have been looking for.

What we got was this.

The carrots weren't desperately purple.  The spring onions were quite purple but were not very big.

I had been thinking on the bus today, and decided it wasn't really worth us growing any veggies.  By the time we had sorted out plants/seeds/compost etc and I had slogged around with all the watering I might as well buy the veggies from the shop.  Bear has decided, after pulling the carrots, that we really, really need to be growing more veggies.

I'll wait and see.

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