Friday, 31 July 2015

Hope I'm getting it right

Today I finally got hold of the thingy from the doctor that I have to take to register the death.  Father died on Tuesday.  According to the government website I only have five days to register the death.  I only saw that last night after everything shut.  There are no appointments possible today.  Bugger.

According to the nice lady I spoke to, I have to register on Monday.  It should be okay.  It should be five days from getting the thingy from the doctor according to her.  I'll worry about it on Monday if there is a problem.

I left out the display cabinet for Emmaus to pick up as I was belting across town to pick up the dratted thingy.  I also left out a cd rack with a note saying they could have it as well.  They took the cd rack and left the display cabinet.  Sigh.

All sorts of stuff is strewn everywhere.  I feel utterly bewildered.  I've paid for bits here, I've sorted other stuff there, I've registered us to vote (admin for other things goes on) and I am running out of steam.

Bear is doing okay and promising to look after the lavender.  My view is that the lavender is big enough to look after itself and that some of those bees look like bouncers.

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  1. Would it be worth getting a skip? Just so that you can put stuff (like the unwanted cabinet?) in it, knowing it will be taken away. Sometimes anything which reduces the clutter can help with that "i'm not getting anywhere" feeling. . You don't have to throw things away if you don't want to, but at least having a skip means you can make some real headway. Be kind to yourself :-)