Thursday, 9 July 2015

Garden continues

Witch Hazel and Wean - you are absolutely right.  I should have watered them.  Having said that, the rain was heavy and I haven't like to water them yet this morning as the soil is soaked.  I'll give it a few hours then get out with the watering can.  The peppers all seem to have recovered but some of the tomatoes are still looking a bit limp.

To be fair to myself, two hours after planting, the plant pot looked like this - not watered, just rained.

Now I am trying to work out if I can manage something.  Father wanted to get new barriers on the small border near the wall.  They look like this - he bought them and a few flags from a garden centre just before he was taken ill.

I thought I would try and get them in.  The trouble is, I am not sure I am able to.  The first snag is easily dealt with.  The current bits of stone that hold in the soil are a lot deeper than I thought they would be.  I have dug and dug but they are going further and further down.  It is a bit dispiriting as I am not sure how easy it will be to get out.  Not as easy as I hoped.

Then I need to move the municipal grit bin that I found left for me when I came home one day from visiting father.  I didn't ask for it.  Nice Mr Next Door installed it for me.  I don't feel able to get rid of it.  It is completely in the wrong place if I want to put those stone edges in.

I think I will have to reconsider father's plans.  I think that father would have had to reconsider his plans.

It just means I will feel very pleased with myself when I manage it.

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