Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Holidays Have Landed

Can I just have a moment?  I feel like a dozen things have landed on my head.  I still haven't heard from the Council, so I will be chasing again tomorrow.  The food bank was busy and there seemed to be a lot going on.  I got the presents for the teachers in on time and took bear to his maths tutor.

Bear was awesome at the maths tutor, who I think is having a ball.  We all agree that bear shouldn't get ahead of his year so he does all sorts of maths problems and number games that involve things like cards and stuff.  He had a brief attempt at calligraphy today.

We are also getting a piano.  This was unexpected.  We have to pay for a man with a van and someone to tune it, otherwise it is ours.  The piano teacher suggested that as someone was getting rid of a piano, we would be good recipients.  I am grateful, but slightly stunned.

I had a call from the care home.  Father has had Do Not Resuscitate put on his notes.  He is refusing medicine and not eating enough and his weight is falling.  I have seen the attempts the staff have made to coax him.  Father is being charming, cheerful, alert and utterly non-co-operative.

While bear will be doing nothing tomorrow I can do some chasing and fingers crossed work out what is happening with the piano.


  1. Oh, Sybil - sending hugs and prayers and thinking of you all. You sound a tad overwhelmed. Much love xx

  2. I have been reading your blog lately, and back reading too. I am sorry your father is so poorly. Sometimes elderly people like to decide what's best for themselves even though we don't want it so. I hope you find strength and peace x Debbie