Friday, 31 July 2015

It's Possible, Right?

First, thanks again for all the support.  I really appreciate it.  The skip may end up as a necessity.

Bear has managed to get the volume back on my phone.  It's only fair, he was the one who set it to silent when he was playing games as I was trying to sort out the whole registering thing.  He knows his way around my phone better than I do, and the password.  Darn.

I've just had an epic fail when I tried to convert inches to metres and instead converted them to feet and actually I think DH would have passed out if zillions of metres of white fleece turned up at the door.  It is bad enough for the stuff that will turn up (7 metres of fleece to line two sets of curtains, plus all the school shirts and vests for next year).

I've just had notice of how many of my father's relatives are likely to turn up at our house.  Many of them are extremely houseproud.  Even though I have never painted anything except tyres, and even though the house is in complete disorder, I can totally redecorate the entire house in less than 20 days, right?

Maybe not.

I'm grieving, but I am a believer in feeling what you are actually feeling, not what you ought to feel.  I am also remembering father's amazing zest for adventure and his 'can do' attitude and I have a tentative sense that I can actually get something done.  The last time I felt like this I painted the tyres and cleaned out the dining room.  I can still feel like I could break down but I also feel that it is the best opportunity to clear stuff.  If this carries on, one skip may not be enough.

If anything happens, I'll update.

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  1. My deepest sympathies on the loss of your father. (((HUGS)))