Wednesday, 22 July 2015

It Isn't Even Lunchtime

The first full day of the holidays.

Bear insisted that he bought himself one of those beeping things where you have to tap colours in sequence.  It is incredibly annoying.  However listening to the beep, beep, beep is better than the meltdown we had when the chalks that came with the delivery broke, or the emotional collapse when he epically failed to learn how to do expert calligraphy after watching a YouTube channel for ten minutes.

We forgot to put the bins out.

I've left another voice mail with the council.  I'll post a letter tomorrow.

Bear's Doctor Who clock finally came.  It is inadequate, self assembly and unimpressive but will be an excellent introduction to bear making his own clock.  It was also extremely inexpensive.

I can't find my keys.  This is less important than it sounds as bear is refusing to be left while I nip to the shop that is less than 100 yards away to get sandwich filling and is too busy being a drama llama to come with me, and while I would tell him to get over it if it was urgent, it isn't.  To be honest, I think this holiday has come in the nick of time for bear.  He is shattered.

I will need to find the keys for tomorrow, though, as I have a meeting with the GP at father's care home.  I think she wants to talk about end of life care.  I've checked with the home and they can keep an eye on bear while I talk.  I have no-one to leave him with, the staff are lovely, bear is usually very well behaved in public and he will be in a safe, open area.  I am still not comfortable about it.  

So today I am focusing on the small triumphs.  Seabrook crisps are gluten free and are currently on offer at Tesco.  I have really, really, really missed crisps at times, and a shedload came with the order this morning.  I have just eaten so many I feel sick.  Tesco have also delivered undercoat and gloss.  I am looking forward to getting to grips with them.

Bluehousedebs - lovely to 'meet' you.  I hope you can continue to drop in.

Morgan - I think a lot of very, very little things are catching up with the big things.  I am well aware that many people are worse off.  Things could be a lot worse, and I now have crisps.  Hugs - you have more on your plate, I think, and you are an inspiration.

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