Tuesday, 28 July 2015

I Suppose It's Normal for Me

I want to say thank you to all the lovely support and kind words - you cannot believe how much that means to me.  I feel very lucky.  I'll be posting a lot of rubbish, I am sure, and I hope it won't get too irritating.

I am being normal for me.  The Approved Food order just arrived.  If you remember, it is not that long ago that I bought 108 toilet rolls at an extremely good price and barely adequate quality.  This was followed by another 18 rolls because I wanted to get a really big box for bear.  Now I have another 18 rolls - it was £1.50 for 18, this day only, and quite reasonable quality.  They will still not last as long as the vast swathes of wrapping paper, literally hundreds of Christmas Cards and stacks of bottle bags.  There are also a lot of envelopes.  Yesterday I bought three packs of breakfast bars in the Co-op when I called in to get father a paper.  We don't need breakfast bars.  We have a sufficiency due to a very good offer on Tesco's own and to be honest I'm trying to get bear back on to cereal.  However there was a deal where if you buy three packs you can get a free gift. I have no idea what.  I need to take the plunge and use my new glasses to read the small print, but they make me sea sick.

Bear is at the house of the former Nice Mr Next Door, playing with their grandson.  He was there all yesterday and was apparently no trouble.  I've called the care home, father had a quiet night.  He is not drinking.  I'm going to call in to the food bank where I would normally be helping today to say that I can't really manage it, and I'll go and visit father.  I'll probably post some more witterings when I get back.

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  1. Hi there, glad life is going on for you as normal. Now I don't want to be too light heated but I could suggest a loo roll , Xmas card or wrapping paper give away!? Debbie