Saturday, 4 July 2015

Kathleen in haste, firstly envious that  you live in Scotland which is a wonderful place.  Filey is awesome, but if you have a rainy day do try Whitby Museum.  It has a very reasonable entrance fee, a skeleton of a Jurassic sea serpent on the wall (genuine, fossil, marine reptile, also Jurassic crocodile)  and there is a genuine Hand of Glory - a real genuine person's hand that has been cut off and preserved to use to to burgle houses.

The Chocolate Museum and Mother Shipton's Caves are also really great.

Hope you have a marvellous time.  Thank you for commenting

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  1. Hi Sybil, thanks for that, when our youngest son was around P7 [23 this yr] we went to Robin Hood Bay for the 1st time and have been there and around York many times, I just love it. We have been to the Whitby museum and agree it is a great place to visit and I love to read about your holidays to Whitby and everything Bear enjoys to do. We are hoping to go to the Wensleydale show this time and I am determined to get something made of Whitby Jet, always plan this but the money always went on something else. Thank you for a lovely blog, I check everyday to see if you've posted. Best wishes and better health to you and your family , Kathleen x