Saturday, 25 July 2015

Want Will Be My Master

I want a new dishwasher.  I want a new cooker.  I want a new fridge.  I want a new freezer.  Want will be my master.

To be fair, of the above, the dishwasher has given up and needs to be taken to the tip.  I am finding it embarrassing just how much better the dishwasher was than my 'by hand' efforts.  The new cooker is desired because the one I have was one we got second hand in 2007.  It had been my Mother in Law's and it came to us when she passed.  It has never worked well.  This is less to do with a dying curse and more to do with appalling gas supplies and pipes that are the wrong dimensions.  The oven is notoriously ineffective and I would love to have an electric oven that actually worked.  This is especially true now that the mini oven is gone.  The fridge is looking battered, the door is missing its shelves and it is getting long past the estimated lifespan of a modern fridge.  The freezer, well, it is far too creaky.  Also I wistfully crave 'frost free' and never, ever having to defrost ever again.

Regardless we have just replaced our halogen oven after it stopped getting hot.  It is relatively inexpensive to run, relatively easy to use and not expensive to buy.  The rest will have to wait.

In theory, we can wait until the Black Friday sale at AO at the end of November and sweep in with a mass order.   Whether I'll be able to get the money together for it is another matter.  I haven't been too random so far with eBay and while the Approved Food order does contain some spray on food colour, it could be worse.  I will prioritise the dishwasher (which will need a new sink unit to accomodate it, so extra expense) and work from there.  When it all comes down to it, I can work around all of the 'wants' especially as I have a halogen oven and a microwave.  None of them are necessities, they really aren't.  The fridge and freezer are useful, but we could still work around it.  We could just pick up stuff as we needed it, just like my parents and grandparents had to do.  We can wait until November 2016 for all of the 'wants' if we didn't have the money, and we may have to.

Father is still described as very poorly.  He is still on oxygen.  He is still on a drip.  He is still not getting much food in him.  DH is in bits, bear tells us he is sad, and to be honest I am not coping as well as I thought I would.


  1. I think of you and your family every day. This is such a hard time, the waiting, the wondering, the hope, the dread. Things will change and the love which surrounds you all will support you whatever happens. Hugs.

  2. Sybil. You're doing well. xx