Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My Past Has Caught Up With Me

The plants I happily ordered months and months ago have arrived.  Five sweet pepper plants and half a dozen tomato plants.  As the garden looks like it has been repeatedly hit with the messy stick and I have no idea at all what I am doing, I wasn't as enthusiastic as I should have been.

The delivery was due between 10 and 11am, so after I dropped bear off at school I started doing some clearance.  I have no idea what I am doing.  However I have filled a few bin bags and shoved the plants into pots.  I didn't bother watering them.  The weather forecast says it is going to rain and it feels like it is going to be heavy.

This is what they currently look like.

The garden is a work in progress.  The other side of the garden is just as bad

Though you can't see the giant fuschia and the massive roses.  I need to move heavy things and dig holes for stuff that father planned.  My lovely ex Nice Next Door Neighbour left a yellow grit bin full of rock salt in one corner.  I don't appreciate it as much as I should, and I need to move it somehow - but it's heavy!  I need to move beds and sort bits and fill bits in and dig bits up.  I'm not doing that today.

The whole business with plants is a perfect example of me making vague plans, having grand ideas and then failing on an epic scale.  Still, at least the plants are in.

Morgan - I agree.  All the best recipes I have had have come from blogs or old cook books.  The only exception is the all recipes site, which has recipes submitted by real people.  Even that has been hit and miss.


  1. Always ALWAYS water the plants when you pot them Syb. They will be very thirsty.

    If it rains, it's a bonus - but rain isn't enough for newly potted things

  2. You can't help making a mess when potting up - we all do it, it's only on TV gardening programmes it's perfectly neat and tidy !
    No matter what the weather forecast, you should 'always' water plants when you pot them up. It helps the roots settle in.