Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Time of Year

I've just realised...

Over the last few decades there has been a documented change in wildlife as growing seasons, flowering seasons and fruiting seasons are getting earlier.  I found this on the BBC website from a few years ago, which is as good a source as any in a very controversial field, but I've noticed it myself.  I have two clear markers.  The first I notice is the orange blossom trees that are planted along the ring road next to the school and smell amazing.  I've always been frustrated that they usually hit their peak during Whit half term, so I don't go past as much.  They have been creeping into bloom earlier and earlier and last year they were starting to open and spread their scent the week before Whit week.  This year they are still in flower, six weeks later than last year.

The other marker which I have just walked past is the privet blossom.  Over the last twenty years a neglected privet bush has turned into a tree and blossoms usually just before Wimbledon or in the first week.  Again it has been creeping into blossom earlier and earlier and I've noticed because I love the smell, which may be pungent but to me tells me that summer is here.  It has just started blossoming now, though Wimbledon has finished.  This year the flowers are late.

I know the tomatoes were delivered later than they were supposed to arrive, and I wonder if there has been a late start to things after what feels like has been a cold, dry spring.

The bees are also looking very busy and stressed around the chimney.  I wonder if we are going to get a swarm.  We've had swarms before without any incident so I am not stressed.

Image from WikiCommons, taken by Lazaregagnidze and used under the Creative Commons Agreement and it looks just like a close up of the privet tree at the end of the road

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