Sunday, 26 July 2015

Awful Weather

It isn't really bad weather for October, it's just a shame it's July.

Bear continues to enjoy his holiday.  He is away tomorrow at a friend's house so I plan to clear a load of stuff out and visit father.

On Wednesday, all being well, we are getting a piano.  It is free to a good home and we were recommended, to my surprise.  We will have to pay for the man plus man plus van and for it to be tuned, but it is still extremely inexpensive when you consider that we are getting a real piano instead of a keyboard.  We will look upwardly aspirational.

Before we can pretend to be the sort of people who casually have pianos I have to do some serious furniture shifting.  The current plan is get rid of the two display units that are either side of the fireplace.  They are not big enough for the things we want to display and the one that father brought with him is falling to pieces.  It is also filled with dozens and dozens and dozens of envelopes that I got at an extremely good price and some remarkably good bargains in stationery.  The 700 Christmas cards and the large quantities of wrapping paper a stacked nearby.  The other display case is lovely but just the wrong size.  I am going to try and donate it.  Then we will go to IKEA and get a large display case (ouch - how much!) and chairs for the dining room.  The stationery can go in the old sea chest which is full of stuff that hasn't seen the light of day since before bear was born.  I can't wait to find out what is in there.

So I am planning on moving two display cabinets, a sea chest and a keyboard.  I will be installing (all things being equal) a display cabinet and a piano.  For the display cabinet to work I need to get rid of the CD storage tower and move two large, very well filled bookcases about six inches to the left.  There is also a two drawer filing cabinet I am considering donating, but I'm not planning to replace that - and besides it is in another room.

I also have to sort through a sea chest, a smallish display cabinet, a two drawer filing cabinet that I can't currently open properly as it is full, two bookcases, a CD storage tower and, well, the entire room, including the third bookcase as I may as well while I'm at it.  There is a very large desk that bear has colonised and has large drawers full of miscellaneous that may as well be full of bear's miscellaneous.  This is a tough target if I want to get most of it done by Wednesday.  I do not have a good track record on following things through with plans.

On the other hand, father was discharged from hospital for end of life care at his care home.  He was sent home with morphine.  The hospital did not think that they could do anything for him.  I can hope, as father has fooled us before, but it doesn't look good.  So I am fairly certain that I'll want to be doing something and it may as well be constructive.  I will update.

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