Tuesday 1 May 2018

All Was Not Revealed (Hopefully)

Happy Beltane!

I swear there is a sign on my door saying, 'in shower, please knock'.  And I daren't ignore it because I'm always ordering stuff.  Today was no exception.

I was just getting nicely clean when the door went.  I opened the bathroom window a smidge, clutched the shower curtain to me, knocked a bottle of shower gel onto the porch roof which bounced over the head of the poor soul knocking, and shouted an apology and told them to put the parcel in the yellow bin.

It wasn't a delivery.  It was a very nice man asking me to vote for the Labour Party. 

We had a very nice discussion as I leaned out of the window, technically decent, dripping and talking about what the council were going to do about the bins.  He seemed very pleasant and able to cope with an old girl doing a 'surprised nymph' impression while wittering about council tax.  I'm undecided, to be honest, but I will vote.  I urge everyone who can to vote, even if you just turn up and spoil the ballot.  People have gone through a lot to get us the opportunity of voting.  It seems wrong to forget them.

Bear was in a football tournament today, for the footballers who normally don't get picked for tournaments.  He didn't win, but he had such a good time.  He ran and tackled and at one point forced a serious save.  I am so proud of him.

Now I am off to study for the theory test tomorrow. I'm doing okay with the multiple choice, but struggling with the hazard perception as I keep tapping too early.  Please send good vibes. 


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