Friday 18 May 2018

Feeling like it's Friday

I had another lesson today.  I'm trying to squeeze in a lot at a time.  Today I was turning right, starting, stopping, making it between two parked cars and rocking through to third gear like a pro.  I also did a lovely, controlled stop as two kids walked out in front of me between parked cars.  If I caught bear doing something like that he would have been in trouble.  Mind you, one of them actually noticed me and looked apologetic.  They were only young teen lads, so their brains are elsewhere. 

Bear has finally finished the dratted exams.  He thinks he had done well, so that's a good thing.  He also seems to be coming down with a cold.  As it's been hot/cold/hot/cold for the last few days, I'm not surprised.  I'll keep getting the good stuff into him.  I was stuffing him with clementines today, and dinner was less processed.  It was dried gluten free pasta, tinned chopped tomatoes and frozen peas, but it was also fresh, low fat mince and fresh onions with plenty of herbs. 

Tomorrow I am planning on catching up with my knitting while watching the Royal Wedding and the FA Cup. 

For those interested, the latest White Hart episode went up at @ 1pm and is here.  I'll do better next week. 

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