Thursday 10 May 2018

I Didn't Take a Photo

Bear came home from school (with a really nice letter from school which is telling him not to worry about SATS even though it's the school that's making him worry...) and he was closely followed by bear's pal.  After a while they decided to go out and play football.  Almost immediately they came straight in.  There was a dead pigeon.  This was not just any dead pigeon.  This was a vulture sized wood pigeon that looked like it had a broken neck and had only recently arrived and was strategically placed right in front of our gate. 

I'm sort of glad that the 11 year old and 13 year old didn't think, 'cool, let's pull it to pieces' but instead thought, 'eww, Sybil needs to deal'.  But only sort of glad.  I picked up the snow shovel that was needed only a few weeks ago, before the heatwave, prodded the poor thing on with a stick until it was on the shovel and placed it near the wire fence as I was not going to have the effects of a dead pigeon in my bin until next Wednesday when the bin collection was due.  I thought the local rats would dispose of it just fine. 

Then bear and pal came in and I moved it again as it was too near bear's goal posts.  I was clear.  I would expect quid pro quo and I wouldn't hesitate to send them to the shops for me.

Also, driving instructor is poorly.  This means that the 28 hours over 14 days which would probably get me with it enough to drive will not be happening.  It will be more dispersed.  Also, writing issues.  Also, generally meh. 

On the other hand, the sun is shining, the lads are playing football and it could have been worse than one poor broken necked pigeon.  I suspect it was hit by a car as it didn't look like a cat had been involved. 

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