Tuesday 29 May 2018

Bank Holiday Monday

It's been quiet.  There hasn't been any sign of ants.  I'm not sure what is keeping them away, but I haven't seen a scuttle.  I have been tootling around while bear explained Fortnite to DH.  I still don't have a clue. 

Bear was wonderfully exhausted today and apparently so were brother's dogs.  They wore each other out.  I think there are going to have to be a few more visits.  The older dog is getting quite elderly now, as he isn't a small dog and he's probably at least 13.  It's hard to know, as he is a rescue.  From what they can work out, the first few years were bad, but he landed on his paws with my brother and his partner.  He is still in pretty good shape apart from the hearing issues, but bear played with him relentlessly. 

I washed my new towels today.  Tesco do a range of Hygro towels.  I bought a sample bath towel a while back to test it.  The claim is that the towels get softer every time you tumble dry them.  This is actually true.  I'm working on drying them on the airer and then bunging the dry towel in with damp clothes that need to be tumble dried and it's worked so far.  They unfortunately come from Tesco Direct, which is closing, so I bought four more towels that should see me sorted for a few years.  That's two for the kitchen and two for the bathroom.  I'm going to be watching Tesco for bargains but I suspect a lot will end up in their bigger stores or in places like Approved Food and B&M bargains.  I'm on the look out for some new but extremely inexpensive plates as half of ours seem to be chipped.  I will probably end up in IKEA, but I'm keeping an eye out for now. 

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