Thursday 3 May 2018

It's on Offer

I have a habit of looking at what is on offer.  I have mental notes of my usual purchases and I only buy when they are under a certain price or I'm desperate.  For example, Heinz beans and sausage are an inexpensive, not totally unhealthy light meal, can be served on toast, and bear and his pals will eat them.  They are also gluten free which means that I can also have them for a quick lunch on occasion and while I shouldn't rely on them, I am very grateful for them as a stop gap.  Their usual price is £1.05. and I only buy one or two at that price when I've run out.  When it gets to 5 for £3, or 60p each, I buy ten. 

This isn't infallible.  Prices are rising and while a few years ago I wouldn't buy tinned soup if it was more than 50p a can for Heinz, now I have to make do with 60p a tin (5 for £3 is the usual offer) instead of the normal 95p per tin.  I stock up when it comes around to the good price.  Of course, I currently have a stock of frozen, home made soup made at a fraction of this price, one portion of which bear had for his dinner, so I'm less likely than ever to pay out for an overpriced tin. 

This doesn't work across the board.  As I type there are 412 items on sale at Tesco under the 'Household' category.  Most of them I wouldn't touch no matter what.  I have never liked the highly scented fabric softeners, so I'm not interested in them. I use white vinegar instead.  I may have been interested in the Ariel deal of a 40 wash box for £6, but I currently have a good stock of washing powder.  However I would never have bothered with the air fresheners as I prefer essential oils, Woodwick candles and, basically, opening a window.  I am planning on using baking soda in pots with essential oils and I would rather use more of the inexpensive white vinegar than the branded window cleaners.

And that is the heart of it.  Most of the time you don't get sales on the basics of washing soda, white vinegar, baking soda and own brand washing up liquid.  Most of what I buy is too inexpensive to go on sale.  If you buy the wonky veg, the basics tinned tomatoes, the own brand free range eggs and the plain, unadulterated ingredients to cook from scratch, you don't get a coupon or a sale.  You save money if you resist the sale.  I prefer to use white vinegar as a laundry softener.  It is more effective on things like towels and is less likely to overwhelm any scent I wear.  At the moment Tesco have their own brand fabric softener at £1 for 1.26 litres if you buy two.  Tesco's own brand white vinegar works out at 70p per litre and it's even less expensive if you get it in bulk via Amazon's subscribe and save. 

And all this is a reminder why I need to stay away from the 'Special Offers' section of the supermarket, because I get sucked in so often.  I need to put a post it note on my laptop to say - 'it's only a bargain if you actually need it, use it and there isn't a less expensive version that is just as good'. 


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