Thursday 17 May 2018

Not a Good Day

Bear woke me up well before my alarm to let me know that he had a bad hip.  I wish he had never found out he had a syndrome. 

Then it turned out that the window for the bathroom that should have been fitted this morning was the wrong size.  When the very nice man suggested that we rip the window frame out I nearly cried.  It's lovely, detailed and possibly original to the very late nineteenth century when it was built.  They have gone away and are making a new window and will come back later.

Then I had a tough driving lesson.  I haven't quite got the hang of stopping yet and I was inching out of blind junctions to see if it was free to go.  There were one or two close calls and I clipped the kerb a few times.  On the other hand, I was rocking getting into third gear.

Then bear came home and while his hip was alright, he was not a happy bunny.  I let him top up with some serious sugar (as well as wholemeal toast and fruit). 

Then I messed up with dinner and it ended up all processed.  It was lovely, relatively low fat, full of the good stuff but every bit came out the freezer - gluten free southern fried chicken (lovely and tender), hash browns and peas.  We had been doing so well with sticking to rice and pasta with the occasional quinoa.  Back on the wagon tomorrow.

Then I entered into advanced negotiations with someone who will put in a new bathroom for a very modest sum but it will take some time as they are ripping off the old tiles and re-tiling.  I can't put it off.  There has been all sorts of leaks over the years and now I keep smelling damp. 

And now I need to get off and finish the next instalment of the White Hart which I have been naffraffing about all week.  Though, to be honest, I'm enjoying it so much it's making up for the day. 


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