Tuesday 29 May 2018

Not Cool

Either DH or I left the fridge door open sometime yesterday.  Looking back, the latest it could have happened is around 6pm.  I found the door open around 9.30am.  The stuff at the front of the fridge was warm and there was ice on the back of my frost free fridge.  I didn't dare risk anything.  I had to throw the whole lot out.

I'm not thrilled but there is a bright side. It means that all the stuff that I've been meaning to use up is no longer a problem and I've had a shopping opportunity.  I still feel low about it.

However I am concentrating on the good stuff.  There are still no sightings of ants and I'm making a dent in the pile of washing.  Bear also spent some time trying to teach me to play Minecraft.  I really wish he wasn't so keen as I'm blundering about and bumping in to things, but bear was lovely and patient and really awesome.  He is desperately waiting for book two in the Skullduggery Pleasant series.  We have started reading the first book as part of the bedtime routine but bear has read ahead and loved it.  It's very exciting with lots of action, adventure, fantasy and humour. 

As bear became bored today we have a schedule tomorrow of lego, colouring, Minecraft lessons, piano practice and Fortnite.  I'll let you know what actually happens.

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