Saturday 12 May 2018

Finally Friday

It's been an odd sort of day.  Bear is still stressed beyond belief.  All his year have been encouraged to bring in support teddy bears to the tests next week.  Apparently last year all the 11 year olds took advantage of this. 

I've started shopping for a new bathroom, completely failed to make a few phone calls, and despite a lot of distractions just about managed to get this week's instalment of the White Hart up before midnight.  I'm determined to get it posted on a Friday, but I think I need to set myself a time.  I think I shall set my goal as having the instalment up by noon, UK time, every Friday. 

One of the big distractions was scraping together a Tesco order.  I'd been keeping half an eye out and it's the once-a-year sale on gluten free stuff.  There are fewer items than last year, but I have still stocked up on a few bits, especially the pasta.  Getting 3 bags for the price of 2 makes a difference when gluten free pasta is so much more expensive.

Now I am ready to crawl off to bed. 

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