Wednesday 30 May 2018

Half Term Continues

Bear has given me three more lessons in Minecraft scattered throughout the day.  I'm having more trouble with that than learning to drive.  I can never remember what to press to look up. 

Bear has been awesome today.  We went for a short walk.  It was just as well it was a short walk as the Morrisons delivery was early.  We turned into our street to see the yellow van waiting for us, ten minutes before the earliest time it was due.  We didn't mind.  Then bear carried things in for me and helped me put things away.  This was followed by a brisk hour of Minecraft.  I dug things.  Bear is really good at explaining to the bewildered, which is just as well.

I am going to be getting another delivery soon, though, as I've run out of home made soup.  Bear had the last portion from the freezer today and is very clear that more soup needs to be made. 

We are halfway through the half term week.  I feel like I am sinking. 

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