Wednesday 16 May 2018

Getting Genuinely Angry

Bear had another near meltdown today.  Some of it was just general being 11.  Some of it was just growing up and working stuff out.  It can be tough as you work out life stuff, and I understand.  Most of it, however, was the exams.  He is not sleeping properly.  He's not eating much.  I'm putting healthy(ish) food in front of him but he's even picking at the rubbish.  He is just flopping around looking about 80% leg and sitting at odd angles (normal for 11) but with a quarter of his normal energy.  He can't concentrate on anything for five minutes together.  As far as anyone can tell, he's done fine.  And if he hasn't it doesn't matter!

And now I have to drag out the clothes for him to wear red, white and blue on Friday to celebrate the Royal Wedding.  I don't mind cheering the happy couple.  I do mind having three days notice to check whether bear still fits into his red t-shirt and if not find something else when the date of the Royal Wedding was set more than a few weeks ago. 

I am not sure about other mums at the school, though the feedback I'm getting is that stress is getting to everyone.  I'm not sure how it is going at other schools, though bits on the net seem to say that some schools are even worse.  I am sure that I am getting angry that I am having to look around for ways to mitigate stress and anxiety in an 11 year old boy who is suffering about something that actually has no impact on him. 

Now I'm going away to look at Mindfulness because at the moment we both need it!

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