Wednesday 9 May 2018

Costing out Candles

Despite bear's best efforts, I bought some more candles.  They were little, scented candles - airpure mini me candles, to be precise, and the were on offer from Approved Food at 99p each instead of @ £1.50 (depending on the deals) and they burn for eight hours, so that's roughly 25p per hour, and the scent is okay. 

I normally prefer Woodwick as not only do they crackle, but the scent is usually a lot nicer.  A Woodwick Hearthwick candle will normally come in at @ £20 at the best price, and is set to burn for 50 hours, and if my back of the envelope sums are correct then that's 40p per hour, although the Woodwick definitely smells nicer. 

However you can easily get a tall trilogy Woodwick candle for @ £20 if you keep your eyes open, and they are supposed to burn for 130 hours.  That comes in at @ 15p per hour (very roughly) or 10p cheaper for a nicer candle. 

And that is why I really need to do my sums before I buy anything more from Approved Food. 

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