Sunday 6 May 2018

Bear Has Awesome Uncle

We had a wasp.

Bear came downstairs and told me about this HUGE wasp.  It was obviously a queen, it was so big, and it had somehow got into the bathroom.  Bear had left the room and shut the door.  We agreed that it was icky.  As DH was out, I texted him to bring home wasp spray.  However when I went up under complete necessity, there was no sign of the stripey so-and-so, even after I banged on the bath.  That was this morning.  I am writing this late at night and still no sign.

I have no idea how the thing got either in or out.  If it was looking for somewhere to build a nest I suppose it may have crawled under the door and onto the dark landing.  From there, who knows?  It is possible to get between the floorboards from the bathroom.  All the cats managed it (and had to be bathed.  I still have the scar) and what blocked off access for a cat won't stop a wasp.  I'm going to have to put citronella everywhere.

Then my brother brought bear a HUGE Lego kit.  The box is massive.  I have seen smaller coffee tables.  It may save his sanity.  I think that's what he'll be doing tomorrow.  Poor lad is just about ticking over.  I think my brother brought the perfect gift at the perfect time.  SATS week starts on 14 May.

DH took bear out for a walk which didn't seem to affect his knee but seemed to perk him up a little.  He'll probably get another walk tomorrow.


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