Tuesday 8 May 2018

First Professional Driving Lesson

Apparently I did very well.  We went somewhere small and I tootled up and down side roads.  I've got a habit of straying to the wrong side of the road, and I kept getting lost on the way to third gear, but I loved it.  I really, really loved it.  I think the lovely driving instructor is used to being encouraging to nervous drivers.  I wasn't nervous - at least, not about the driving as such.  There was one moment when I did a left turn, knowing that a car was hidden just around the corner (we were doing laps of like an estate type place) but on the other side of the road there was parked a huge tractor pulling grass cutting equipment that had parked there since the last lap.  I was a little unsure then, but there are dual controls so I didn't stall as the lovely driving instructor had control of the clutch and brakes and I didn't hit anything. 

I do feel quite good about it all.  I reversed a few yards when I had parked a little too close to the car in front, and it went well.  I spotted vehicles behind me - though to be fair I spotted a stonking great van and a vividly electric blue car so they weren't exactly camouflaged. 

Apart from that, I had to usher a smallish wasp out of the bathroom this morning.  I'm going to have a good look outside tomorrow (before my second Professional Driving Lesson) to see if a nest is forming anywhere.  I didn't see anything today, but it was very bright.

Bear came home and had a melt down.  I just need to get him through this week and the next and the SATS will be over.  I don't envy the teachers having to keep the Yr 6 class amused after finishing all the curriculum, because it all had to be finished and done by the SATS which start next week.  I can't wait for it to be over.


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