Thursday 14 November 2019

Bear Continues

He forgot the dratted bowl for the second day running! Goodness only knows what the contents will be like now. Darn it to heck! And then bear told me that it was a non uniform day tomorrow, he would need £1 and, by the way, jeans and shirt would be fine, he wouldn't need a jacket or hoodie.

I have just checked the weather forecast. Tomorrow, when he gets out of the car to go into school, the forecast is for 5C or 41F. It's not the severe weather that some places are experiencing, but even so, it's not exactly a heatwave! It's the start of the teenage allergy to coats, isn't it? It's cold here, raining and there's a stiff wind, and bear's pal has just turned up in a t-shirt!

I could write all sorts of threats here, but bear knows that I wouldn't harm a hair on his head. And while threats to send him in wearing a frock might be entertaining, I haven't said that. Apart from anything else, I haven't got a dress in his size handy.

Hester - I was planning on going to a car boot sale (I can now go to car boot sales!!!) on Sunday to see if there is any cheap pyrex, but I think I will take your suggestion for the tin trays. Poot!

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