Friday 1 November 2019

No More October

It's the first of November, and I'm not linking anything. I have nothing on my writing blog, I believe Timothy Bateson is taking on another challenge rather than lying in a dark room with a damp towel over his eyes and while I could theoretically link to some stuff, I'm not.

Instead of waking up and making sure all was good to go on blogs and facebook, bear and I went to the tip, then through the back roads to Tesco, taking an unusual shortcut and generally having a nice drive, although some parts were misty. Bear approved. Then we had a breakfast in Tesco, which was very pleasant although probably not the healthiest for bear, picked up some bits and then picked up bear's blazer from the dry cleaner's. It looks lovely, and I wonder how long that will last!

We went home past IKEA and I got disastrously lost. I mean, completely in the wrong lane, round a roundabout twice, came off at the wrong exit and in the end I just pointed Red in a direction that I thought was right and hoped for the best. Bear did not approve. I think I will be going back that way on a regular basis until I get it right. It's rather complicated and I could still end up in Hull. Afterwards we called in to Aldi and picked up a few other bits.

Tomorrow has weather warnings out, but I think if I don't go for a drive I will go crazy.

I really enjoyed October. I did a lot of writing, re-visited a lot of my stuff and was happy with it, and I got to contact a lot of lovely people. I'm sort of glad of the break, though. I think tonight is a knitting night.

Hugs to all.


  1. I think wet weekends are a great time for snuggling in with a good book or a piece of knitting. I've not looked at our weather forecast yet but it's looking ok at the moment. You sound as though you are enjoying driving.

  2. I feel sure that we must pass each other on the roads at some point without realising! What a lot of tip runs you are doing - did you drive a dustbin lorry in a previous life!!

  3. You got a lot of writing done in October. I really admire your driving adventures. They make me feel a little braver and encourage me to try some new-to-me driving.