Tuesday 12 November 2019


Bless - that may be an idea. Mind you, I get so much of my stuff delivered over the holidays and now I can drive - I don't want to find the parking lol!

I called into Morrisons and picked up what I think bear may need for his food tech tomorrow. The recipe has gone missing. It's a pasta bake, and I can remember some bits from the brief glance I managed. At least the shop looked a little less processed - an onion, a carrot, a pepper and a bag of pasta. The paper bags Morrisons use, by the way, were not particularly resilient. I already have cheese, beef mince, tinned tomatoes and some flavourings, and if there is anything else, well, tough. The hardest thing is that he has to bring in an oven proof container. The one he lost would have been ideal. I have one that I can send in, but if he loses it, I may not be polite about it.

Added to which, this morning there was a puddle in the porch. It means that the rain last night was heavy enough to leak through the roof. I have an awful feeling that we will need a new porch roof soon. This could be worse. Next door but two have been told by an architect that their porch is likely to collapse at any moment. Their landlord is not co-operating. Sometimes I need to stop and remember how lucky I am.

Writing stuff - my response to this week's writing challenge here.

Hugs to all.

rain dropping from roof
Photo by Anna King on Unsplash

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