Thursday 7 November 2019

I Didn't Get Many Pictures

The above is a very poor picture of the beck a hundred yards away. It is so full, it is pushing against the bridge. We are a little higher and unlikely to be affected. However the school run was awful.

This morning was bad, with lots and lots of standing water, but I managed it apart from a few 'woah!' moments when I hit large puddles. I decided to start off early for pick up, so that I could get some shopping in and perhaps get some knitting time.

I was glad I did. I barely made it to the school. I passed through some serious standing water, the sort that strands little citroens like mine. I honestly wasn't sure if I would make it through. I should have bailed, seriously, as there is an Amber weather warning all over the area, with travel disruption likely.  The roads were running with water, it was actually scary. 

I rang another mum, checked with school, and got bear and a couple of pals out early. We went via the back roads and didn't hit much water, but I was glad to get home. I'm feeling a little shaky now. 

Shoutout to Hawthorn Spellweaver, whereverthejourneytakesme, Heather, and all the others caught up in this weather. I'm hoping most of you are out of the real risk zone and staying safe.

Writing stuff - Just a quick reminder that the free stuff at Story Origin that I linked to before ends on 9th November, so if you haven't looked, and you like Fantasy and SciFi, feel free to have a look

Hugs to all


  1. Glad you made it safely to the school and back! I hate driving when the roads are flooded!

  2. Yikes! Stay safe. I hate driving in bad weather. I was glad when I didn't have to go out to school in the snow. I would have anxiety everyone morning and afternoon. Though I admit it got pretty bad when my kids all learned to drive (they do that at 16 over here).

  3. Home safe and sound tonight Lyssa - we decided not to risk Sheffield and had a trip to Cheadle instead to John Lewis and a few other shops on the retail park - it seemed drier over there. We do have to go to Sheffield tomorrow though to pick up my neice so I am hoping the water levels are better especially as we have to pick up the M1 out by Meadowhall. No school run tomorrow for you - hope your little car suvives the deep water though if you have to go out. Stay safe.