Monday 4 November 2019

Monday Again

Bear failed to bring home the dratted bowl from his cookery lesson (or whatever they call it) and forgot his apparently very muddy kit. He said there were dark green plants on the pitch, like a swamp. I'm allowing for exaggeration, but it has been very wet here. This means that there is are shorts, socks and a shirt damp and festering in a locker until I can threaten bear enough to get them home.

I have been less than successful in all things today. I managed home made soup, and there are more shirts ironed than there were, but in all, I could have done a lot better. I think the weather has got to me. The cold continues, in a very small way, and there is more than a hint of pity party. I'll try again tomorrow.

Sharon - I wish I could take credit for courage in driving, but I find it incredibly soothing. I mean, there were times tonight on the school run which were nerve-wracking, and there are always issues, but I always feel better after a long drive. I think I take after father. He enjoyed a long run out as well. He used to take us around North Wales, and one of his favourite runs involved a hair pin bend with a ford in the middle. It was a narrow road, with room for only one car and there were passing places in case you were caught near someone, and there were no fences between the road and the moor, so there were sheep wandering around. He never flinched. I hope that I'm encouraging, because you need to be able to get out and do things (especially when it comes to taking absolutely amazing photos), but I also hope that you don't feel that you have to do things that make you uncomfortable just because I am somewhat crazed. Every now and again I talk about trips I took with my family when I was little and I catch DH looking at me a little wide eyed and realise my attitude isn't necessarily normal.

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