Wednesday 6 November 2019

Still Bewildered

It seems to have been a busy day. I chased up an appointment for bear, booked my car in for a service, agreed to help out awesome driving instructor with his own test, managed a small amount of writing stuff and checked with school about taking bear to a hospital appointment during school time (not serious). I still feel like I have nothing done. My brain switched off around 4.30pm, it is now around 7.30pm, and all bets are off.

Today was the first time I scraped ice off my car, which was a strange feeling. We are very sheltered here, and there wasn't much, but I suppose I need to get used to winter-proofing my car. The drive was fine, though, with no ice on the roads. I dropped bear and his pal off, treated myself to scrambled eggs and baked beans at Tesco, which was very pleasant, and then went to Dewsbury Market. I've been building this up into something scary, but it was fine. I found the car park easily enough, but I was short of change so instead of paying 40p for an hour, I paid £1 for three hours. Next time I go, and there will be a next time, I shall remember my coins as lots of the stalls were just opening and I was worried about using all their change. I bought a pair of gloves for £1.50. They are not the plain black or grey I prefer, but bear won't borrow these!

And a very large bag of apples. Then I got back to the car after only 30 minutes. I could have spent a lot longer, but I wanted to get home. I noticed that the trees in the car park were very heavy with berries. I wonder if that means we are in for a hard winter.

And when I got home I remembered to take a pic of the fuschia. I blame father. He planted it, and he has form for giant fuschias. When I was little, he had one in the garden that grew so big that it cracked a sewer pipe. Here it is, though I'm not sure the pic does it justice

It was only little and in a tiny pot when he got it. It's currently swamping a tea rose on one side and a small lilac on the other. I may hang on to spring to prune it, but I think it will take something like a flame thrower to really knock it back. As a side note, if you look at the brick work you can see where it was repaired after a former neighbour's 12 yr old rammed a car into our wall and pretty much demolished it. 

But today I remembered the cheese, so I'm taking it as a win.

Hugs to all.


  1. Lovely photos of the berries and flowers. Those gloves look comfy warm. I have several pairs of gloves as the weather here can vary - I have pairs for when it's cold but above freezing, pairs for when it's below freezing but not really, really cold and pairs for when it's really, really cold and I layer them up and use hand warmers. I'm not quite ready for that weather yet!

    I'm struggling with the time change - seems too early to get dark and the nights seem so long!

  2. Those are gloves look lovely, and, hopefully, bear will not want to borrow them! :D I love your fuschia!

  3. We have wild fuschias at the cottage - they are like trees with tree size trunks - but they do cut down and regrow in fact you can't stop them. The berries have been superb this year. Drive safely in this cold weather - we have a bit of flooding here on the roads today. x