Wednesday 13 November 2019

Lost Again

I sent bear in with an old pyrex casserole that is missing its lid. It didn't come home. I am considerably unimpressed. There is also a rather nice small container that I grabbed at the last minute for seasoning and a full jar, less the amount used for the recipe, of lazy garlic. I don't know what to do with him!

On the other hand, bear did bring home the complete sports kit that he swore he had lost last autumn, so that is something. He said it was behind the lockers, so I suspect that he was the butt of a 'joke'. I will ring the school tomorrow.

I called in at Tescos after dropping bear off and, thinking that this is probably the last dry day for a while, decided to go for a bit of a drive, setting my phone satnav for Roundhay Park. I knew it would be a slightly challenging drive as it took my past the roundabout of doom just by IKEA and then through Leeds centre, but I thought it worth a try.

I have never been in the wrong lane so much in all my life! First of all I made a complete mess of the roundabout of doom. It's a little complicated with lots of different lanes and is actually more than one linked roundabout leading to motorways and all sorts. Fortunately it wasn't too busy so I was able to switch lanes, then switch back, then switch back again as I had been right to switch the first time and I was able to cut across a lane at the last minute without ploughing into a lorry. Then we got to Leeds. It took me through the more industrial side of South Leeds and past the Royal Armouries, when the charger fell out of my phone and the directions suddenly stopped just as I passed the West Yorkshire Playhouse - where I was inevitably in the wrong lane, found myself on the inner ring road and then somehow ended up on Wellington Street and finally I gave up and arrived at Kirkstall Abbey. At least I remembered to take some photos.

Then I tried to be adventurous and took the Armley Gyratory back, and I was in the wrong lane again. 

I think I will just stick to the school run tomorrow. 

Hugs to all. 


  1. I had the same problem with my kids, I ended up sending in foil dishes, it work out cheaper than losing expensive china and Pyrex.

  2. Lovely photos! Your son's antics make me laugh!