Monday 18 November 2019

Welcome to Monday

Cherie - exactly! When DH and I were first together, there was a lot more veggies than meat! I talk about planning food and shopping with bear, because that is one way I can teach him how to cook. It's not just about pots and pans, but adding some lentils or oats, or an extra onion, or having an inexpensive dessert (bread and butter pudding can go a long way, as can home made rice pudding!). It's about how to substitute and work around stuff. Still, I suppose it keeps the lessons moving.

Sharon - I wish I could take photos as beautiful as yours.

I started Monday off okay. I decided I wasn't going to go to the shop, I was going to just drop bear and pal off and come straight home and be productive. So I dropped bear off, got home, and got a text from him saying that he had left his keys in the car. The keys that included a locker key, which meant that if I didn't get the keys to him, he would be lugging a heavy bag around all day and he has iffy joints. So I drove back to school, dropped off the keys and then went back past IKEA. I stopped off at a Costa for a fortifying hot chocolate, and I can say that the black forest hot chocolate is not only gluten free but absolutely foul. Then I braved the tricky roundabout. Fortunately I found myself following a bus that I knew was getting off at the exit I needed, so I followed it desperately. I went through an amber light, I held on to my steering wheel for dear life and I was in the wrong gear for most of the way - but I did it! I got through the roundabout!

I dived into Tesco on the way to pick bear up, and I think it may be worth getting the Clubcard Plus. It isn't worth it if I shop wisely, but today I didn't shop wisely. I rarely do. I picked up a few bits and pieces, some crisps (not needed), a half bottle of brandy (definitely not needed), some treats for DH (actually, quite needed after his day), a snack for bear and before I knew it, I was over £30. If I plan a little, I'll be fine. If I plan more, I won't need it. I feel that if I don't look at it over a month, but over a year, it will be worth it. £7.99 x 12 is £95.88. I can make a large percentage of that back on the yearly gluten free sale and school uniform.

Writing stuff - weekly writing prompt here.

Hugs to all.

room number on wall
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


  1. What is the gluten free sale? Thanks for the warning about the hot chocolate. I remain in absolute awe at your driving skills. I rarely venture beyond my local roads and I passed my test many years ago. My husband always goes wrong at the Ikea junction!! Even with satnav.

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment about the photos! Good for you making it through the roundabout! You did it, that's the main thing! If you're anything like me once you've done something like that a couple of times it will still be a little scary but not as anxious to do.

    Sorry about the hot chocolate. The place my daughter works has a café down below it and the white hot chocolate is the best I've ever tasted - unfortunately it's also about 600+ miles from me so not something I have so often lol