Sunday 24 November 2019

I May Not Survive This Week

Eloise - I know! Then they wonder why you haven't a clue what's going on!

Sharon - thank you! I think bear is pretty awesome, this weekend notwithstanding, but I know I'm biased.

Yesterday we helped out at a church fair. I volunteered, because it was the church that father went to, and bear offered to come with me. I said I would do anything except cooking (I'm not sure I'm up to their standards) and so bear and I manned the toy stall. It didn't do much, but the fair as a whole did okay. What is more - bear and I didn't come home with much. Bear came home with two soft toys and a toy car, and I came home with an organiser. Bear was also treated to a cake (by a lovely lady) and a scone (by himself) and was very happy about it!

Today we called in to Tesco and bear had a breakfast before we picked up the stuff he needs for the muffins for Food Tech this week. We had a blast, joking around, although I was glad when we got out. The Tesco in Batley is huge and the car park was almost full, it was so crowded. I parked far away from the store when we got there and the car park was already half full, and we just about squeezed out. I can see me doing my shopping at 10pm on the run up to Christmas.

We called in to a farm shop on the way home. It is somewhat of an upmarket farm shop and has lots of fancy coffees and olives, but it has the most amazing fruit and veg at good prices. Bear was suitably impressed. I could see the wheels working.

Bear has been watching Gordon Ramsay. He has been taking notes. Bear has decided that he is going to do more cooking. This decision has consequences. First of all, I'm going to have to totally clear the kitchen. It is in a real mess, so that is a good thing, but I have deadlines coming up that may lead to money, so I'm going to have to motor on both. Secondly, bear is going to go for all these wonderful recipes and I'm going to have to supervise. Once you get beyond breaded chicken and oven chips, I'm mainly self taught and while I can do things like souffles, I do dither while I'm doing them, and I'm dreading bear looking at me expectantly while holding a recipe for something like bearnaise sauce. Thirdly, bear is very keen on all sorts of recipes, but I am worrying about a budget.

Tonight was actually relatively inexpensive. We did this recipe. It's called Wild Mushroom pie, but it doesn't use pastry. Instead it's like a pancake style batter on the base, then the filling (I added garlic, italian herbs and a very small sprinkle of chopped chorizo to the softened mushrooms and onion), then the batter on top. It was awesome. We had a little gravy with it, just from granules, and peas, and it was a lovely meal that didn't need any extra starch. Bear beat up the batter, chopped mushrooms and was generally involved. It is definitely one that we will do again, and I'm going to look at ringing the changes with the filling.

Bear has a training day tomorrow so has decided that I am driving us in to Leeds tomorrow (utterly terrified) and we are going on to Leeds Market where bear is going to pick out some meat and veg for a casserole tomorrow. I am braced. He has also expressed the need for a Christmas cake. Then the kitchen will be turned upside down making a casserole, and then he will have his music lesson while I finish off, clean up and wash up. I shall no doubt collapse afterwards.

He has also decided that we (aka him) need to meal plan. I can't wait to see how that plays out. You never know, he may keep me on the straight and narrow.

I'm getting an early night tonight. I think I will need it! Hugs to all.

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