Friday 15 November 2019

He Brought It Home!!!

I have my pyrex dish back, such as it is. It was an elderly one, which is why I risked sending it in. I haven't had the courage to remove the contents yet. I'm bracing myself for that later, and I want all other possible dishes out of the way.

I was thinking about this on the way home. It isn't a small dish, and is extremely full. I have to wonder how many it was supposed to feed as I quite often make 250g of beef mince feed the three of us (and occasionally four, depending on the presence or absence of one of bear's pals), and they required 500g, plus a carrot, onion and pepper, plus sauce, plus cheese and plus pasta. It seems a lot!

I also must ask bear the brand of cling film used, as it is still holding out, even though bear was carrying it sideways in a bag.

I wasn't risking a pasta bake that was cooked on Wednesday. Instead we had Egyptian soup, and very nice it was as well. I have burgers from Aldi for tomorrow, and then we have a snacky dinner on Sunday. After that I'm going to try and work out some sort of meal plan and see what I actually need to buy for a 'big shop'. Then I can decide whether or not I go for the Tesco app. I am still not 100% convinced.

And speaking of shopping, Morrisons have some of their gluten free pasta half price, but when I went to pick some up this evening in store, the shelf was completely empty.

Hugs to all


  1. I buy 500g of lamb mince and divide it into four portions. Each portion feeds two when made into a spaghetti Bolognese or a lamb and veggie savoury rice. I can stretch the humblest of ingredients and make something cheap and tasty. I had plenty of practise when I had a young family

  2. Not sure I would chance it either lol, but at least he brought it home! Maybe you should have him recreate it at home.