Monday 25 November 2019

Bear is Fishy

I've done it again! I've accidentally deleted comments instead of posting them. I'm really sorry. My mind has gone blank, as well, but I really appreciate comments. One suggested getting bear onside about budgeting, which I am determind to do. I hope that when he strikes out into the world he has an idea of what things can cost and some ideas of how money works.

And for the lovely comment who said that bear reminded them of their son when he was younger - all advice welcome!

And thank you for the kind words about bear. I feel something of a fraud, as I swear he has managed it by himself, but I am so proud of him.

Today we were planning a casserole with probably beef. I was woken early by the man who came and serviced the fire, so that is one job out of the way. Then I drove into Leeds!!! I was so scared, as Leeds is full of one way roads, bus lanes, bus only lanes and, currently, serious roadworks. But I found a good place on Templar Street which only charged £4 for two hours. This is pretty good for the centre of Leeds. Dewsbury charges something like 80p for the same time, but it's not a major city. We paid some of bear's pocket money into the bank, then went onto Leeds Market.

Leeds market is a shadow of what it was when I first moved here, but it it still has plenty of great stuff. We went to look at the fishmongers. There is a row of them. Bear loves fish, but I don't like it at all and DH isn't keen. Bear was looking so fascinated that the stall holder was joking with him, and when bear chose a mackerel, the fishmonger allowed bear to watch him fillet it. Bear practically floated home.

We called in at the Wholefood shop on the way back, passing the statue of Minerva as we did. I have taken a picture before but now she has a disturbing pink light at crotch level and I'm not sure that it's flattering.

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Bear had the mackerel for dinner. He rubbed the fish with oil, salt and pepper as the fishmonger recommended and then pan fried the two fillets, which he thoroughly enjoyed eating. I have put bowls of vinegar with lemon essential oil in around the house to try and cover the smell. He has decided that we are going in again on Saturday morning and we are getting more fish. So much for a meal plan. DH had pasta bake and I will get something in a minute. Tomorrow DH will have the rest of the pasta bake, and otherwise all bets are off. I pick bear up at Morrisons and they have a fish counter, so I can see a lot of seafood coming through in the next few days. 

Bear then went on to a very successful music lesson, and now I just need to iron shirts for tomorrow and then I can settle for the night. 

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Hugs to all. 


  1. That's great that bear was able to cook his fish and enjoyed eating it. :)

  2. Mackerel is good dipped on oats and pan fried .