Tuesday 5 November 2019

What Day Is It?

I think I am too tired, too full of cold and too stressed to keep up with stuff. I was convinced as I started typing that it was Monday, not Tuesday. It feels like a Monday. 

Bear's pal's father took them in to school this morning and I was desperately grateful. It gives me back at least an hour, and today I used it to reply to the Writing Challenge (details below) and check out some other writing stuff (other details below). Then I went to the tip.

The tip run wasn't without stress. I filled my (admittedly not huge) boot and trundled off - and got stuck behind a horse and cart! This is a major dual carriageway full of commercial lorries and vans that are supposed to stick to a speed limit of 40 mph, but a lot really don't. Not only that, it's winding, there are blind curves and lots of roundabouts. I salute the cart driver's courage. Fortunately the lorry driver behind me got into the other lane and held traffic back so I could get past. I couldn't see the name of the lorry, or I would have rung in and given all the praise I could to them. Otherwise I would probably still be at the horse's tail. After that I made a complete mess of the slip road both times and called into Aldi, where I forgot the cheese. 

Afterwards I listened to the bushes being pruned in Matalan. I am not sure that it was done as well as it could have been. They pruned a lot of the lower branches on the Matalan side of the fence, but not on our side, and the bushes are tilting towards us. As they are thirty to forty feet high, or easily 10 metres, that is a worry. I'm hoping they will come back tomorrow as today was constant rain and it's probably not the best weather for power tools.

I called in to Tesco on the way to school to fill up with petrol, where I once again forgot to pick up cheese, then waited for bear in Morrison's car park where I also forgot to nip in and get cheese. I will probably remember it tomorrow as I was scraping out the last crumbs for DH's pasta bake. 

Bear and DH had fireworks on Sunday, so we are staying in the warm and relaxing. 

By the way, the fuschia in the garden is once again reaching the size of my car, and is still in full flower. I'd like to cut it back over winter, but I don't want to deprive any lingering bees of pollen. If anyone has any ideas of when to prune it back, please leave a comment. 

Writing stuff - a new story from me here and a small, new story linked to Grumpy New Gods Vol 3 by me is here

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  1. I forgot the carrots! You can cut back in the early spring and it will regrow - it flowers on new wood. Hope you feel better soon. x

  2. You have one amazing fuschia plant! I've no idea when to prune it, in your climate, but, here, spring is when we are supposed to prune them.